Formal Markets LasVegas - Rentals & Services

American Showroom Concepts Inc is teaming up with Formal Markets Las Vegas to provide you with additional rental options over and above your standard booth package. Steaming services can be scheduled before the event. For additional show information go to Formal Markets Las Vegas
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Rentals & Services Prices


Dress Forms (Metal or Wood Base) Beige or Black Jersey Size 6 or 8 _____________$75.00
Jiffy Steamer J - 2000 ____________________________________________________$75.00
White/Chrome Z - Rack 84"H with (3) Adjustable Heights _______________________$75.00
Chrome Rolling Racks 60"W ________________________________________________$75.00
Mannequin Egghead Gloss White___________________________________________$145.00
Mannequin Headless Matte White__________________________________________$120.00
4-Way Straight Arm Display - Adjustable_____________________________________$70.00
4-Way Waterfall Arms - Adjustable__________________________________________$70.00


Steaming Services are $50.00 per hour per person
Dress Forms
Jiffy Steamer J-2000
Z Racks
Chrome Rolling Racks
Mannequins Egg head
Mannequins Headless
4 Way with Straight Arms
4 Way with Waterfall Arms